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MOLD - A real concern

Indoor mold growth is a problem. While mold is nothing new, the recent public awareness certainly is. Because mold awareness is new, many people downplay the issue as hype. This is an unfortunate mistake. Mold concerns are "newer" because our habits and habitats have drastically changed over the last few decades.

Older houses were full of leaky windows and doors. Drafty homes were commonplace and relatively fresh air was always present. Slowly, we've begun to seal out fresh air. The presence of air conditioning means our windows and doors are rarely open.

Mold is a natural and vital part of our ecosystem. However, mold should never be allowed to thrive in an indoor environment. Besides the fact that mold will literally eat your home's structural components such as wood framing and drywall paper, the resulting airborne mold spores are known to cause a host of health problems for you and your family.

In an age where energy efficiency has become more important than fresh air, mold spores are often concentrated indoors. In many cases,  just a small amount of moisture is enough to cause these concentrated spores to explode into living mold. Once living mold becomes established, it can be quite difficult to remove.  

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